Monday, 6 February 2017

DIY Valentine's Heart Print Apron

With Valentine's Day next week I decided to share a few little love filled posts with you this week, starting with a super easy and very cheap DIY project, a heart print apron, made from two tea towels, I found this set on sale at B&M Stores last year for just £1! 

You Will Need:

Two Tea Towels (or pieces of fabric) 
Bias Binding

Start by shaping your first tea towel into the shape of an apron, I laid mine against one I already had then just cut off the excess fabric. Then edge the 'apron' with some bias binding.

I then used the other tea towel to make the pocket and the straps, but you could just use some off cuts of fabric. You can make the pocket any size/shape you want, after I made this I thought a heart shaped pocket would have been cute! 

The straps were made by folding the fabric in on itself and edging them so there are no raw edges on show. I then just stitched them into place and my apron was ready to go! 

I'll be sharing a Valentine's Day Breakfast recipe with you all later this week. 

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