Friday, 20 June 2014

Stacey's Smiles

Fresh cherries from the market.

 Trying my hand at making some foil foiled prints.

Getting excited for my holiday, less than 3 weeks to go! Bag & Hat from J Crew.

Rearranging prints in my bedroom again. Macaron Print - Macarons & Peonies, Flamingo - Cake for Breakfast

Some pink sandals that had to be added to my closet. New Look via ASOS.

Summer officially starts tomorrow, who's excited?? I know I am, even if I do have to spend the day at work! My best friend is home next week and I only have just over a week left at work before I take a much needed break, I am already counting down the days! 


  1. Those pink sandals and that big hat! I think you are ready for summer!


  2. Those cherries look mouth-watering and I really like those sandals!

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads


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