Tuesday, 10 December 2013

DIY - Tartan Gold Deer Frame

Need a little something to add to your Christmas gallery wall? I've got you covered. This DIY was inspired by my tartan deer print from the SS Print Shop and didn't take very long at all and it would be cute with a grey and white plaid and little snowmen too.

You will need:
One Frame
Double Sided Tape/Hot Glue
Tartan Fabric
Deer Heads, I got mine here (or any decoration of your choice)
Spray Paint

Start by spray painting your decoration of choice. You will probably need a couple of coats, so allow drying time.

Cut a piece of stiff cardboard to fit your frame and then cut a piece of material that is approximately an inch wider around than your piece of cardboard. I used double sided tape originally (less mess and quicker) but I did have to add a bit of hot glue to secure the fabric in place.

Position your deer heads where you would like them, I went with four as I used a square frame. Attach these to the fabric with hot glue and then frame your piece of art! 

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  1. ahhh, this is such a great idea. It turned out fabulous, love. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :)


  2. This an amazing project, very well put together. Love your blog and the idea that your are so crafty!

  3. Adorable DIY project.. Love the antler/tartan combo!



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