Thursday, 26 September 2013

J Crew is Coming....

The day I discovered J Crew, my bank balanced decided to never forgive me, and it's not going to like me anymore when J Crew opens its doors on London's Regent Street later this year! I can't wait to visit the store and how amazing are these taxis above the store front?! Can all the London Taxi Cabs be pink & gold from now on please?

In the meantime you can shop J Crew online here and these are some of my favourite picks (I may have made some purchases recently) from the fall collection.


  1. Super excited for you to have one locally! ;) Maybe not so much for your bank account.

  2. Hahah I love that taxi cab! I love J.Crew my favorite store and my bank hates me for that.


  3. Beautiful
    I also have a Tatcha skincare giveaway-



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