Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Shoemint Bridget Vs H&M Summer Sandals

I have been looking for some new sandals for the summer recently, my toes are dying for the rain to stop so they can get some fresh air! I love the Bridget from Shoemint but at $79.98 for a pair I'm not too sure I want to splash out on them! I love both colours but the blush pair would match with more in my wardrobe.

Shoemint Bridget $79.98

Step forward H&M with a more purse friendly version! Although they are a snake print instead of leopard, and more of a tan than a blush, these sandals are a great alternative to the Shoemint Bridget and you can get both pairs for less than half the price of one pair of Bridget's! So that's two pairs of sandals and some money left over to spend on some other summer goodies to add to your wardrobe!
H&M Faux Leather Sandals £14.99

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  1. Love them! I have similar ones and I wear them All.the.Time!
    Love your blog!


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