Thursday, 8 March 2012

Enjoying A Day Off

There is an upside to working Saturdays is getting a day off in the week! Last week I spent the day with one of my best friends, Anna! We couldn't decide on what to do but we ended up having a day out shopping and enjoying some pizza! We spent ages playing dress up in Topshop and Zara and Anna found me a lace scarf in H&M on sale for £2 that was a great look for less of one I'd been looking at in Zara for £17.99! Anna always finds the best deals!

Trying on sequins in Topshop

Trying on mint hues in Zara

Ending the day with some apricot tart and juice.

And now the purchases......

Plaid & Lace Scarves (on major sale) at H&M, Primark Navy Floral Scarf

Zara Shorts & Tees(similar)


  1. Okayyy, I need to check out Zara now!

  2. I'm loving the mint/pistachio hues for spring too!

  3. Great post! Obsessing over that sequin Topshop shirt. So cute!


    Britt + Whit

  4. I have that sequin dress from Topshop lol! xx


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